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Below Video: Courses of HRTD Medical Institute. Paramedical, Diploma, Nursing, Dental, Pathology, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy Course, LMAF, RMP, Diploma in Medicine & Surgery, DMS, Diploma in Paramedical, DPM, Diploma in Medicine & Diploma in Surgery.

Followings are the veterinary courses of HRTD Medical Institute. We provide quality education and training for our veterinary students so that they can be able to start and establish veterinary farm and can be able to treat their animals properly.


Pharmacy Course 6 Months: Pharmacy course of duration 6 months is a short pharmacy course. This course contains 5 Subjects including Major Subject of Pharmacology. This course is a minimum baseline of a pharmacy businessmen to run his business.Total cost for this course is tk 12,500 including admission fee, semester fee, monthly fees and exam fee.

Pharmacy course 1 year: This pharmacy course contains 10 subjects including Human anatomy, Human physiology, Pharmacology-1, Pharmacology-2, Microbiology, General Chemistry, First Aid--------. Total cost for this course is tk 28,500 including admission fee, semester fee, monthly fees and exam fees.

Certificate in pharmacy Course: This is a one year duration pharmacy course. Total subjects 10. Total cost for this course is tk 34,500 including admission fee, semester fees, monthly fees and exam fees. This Certificate in pharmacy course is highly demanded in foreign countries. 
The below video: Class lecture of Sherajum Monir, B-Pharm, M-Pharm, A-Grade Pharmacist, Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh.

Diploma in Pharmacy Course: This Diploma Pharmacy Course is of duration 2 years. This course is vital for the pharmacy businessmen who wants to run a large pharmacy. Total subjects 20. This course contains some subjects of commerce which will help the businessman to run his business smoothly without any difficulties. Total cost for this 2 years course is tk 62,500 including admission fee, semester fees, monthly fees and exam fees. We should remember that pharmacy business is very informative and difficult. So it is not so easy to run this business without full medical information and business knowledge. 

Our paramedical courses: Paramedical, Certificate in paramedical, DMS, DMA, DPM, Certificate in Medicine and Certificate in Surgery.

Our Dental courses: Dental course, BDA, Diploma in Dental Assistant, Diploma in Dental course, Diploma in Dental.

Our Physiotherapy courses: Physiotherapy course, Certificate in Physiotherapy, Diploma in Physiotherapy Course, Diploma in physiotherapy. 

Our nursing courses: Nursing course, Certificate in Nursing Course, Diploma in Nursing course, Diploma in Nursing,

Our pathology courses: Pathology course, Certificate in pathology course, Diploma in pathology course, Diploma in pathology.