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Dental Courses: BDA, Dental Course, Certificate in Dental, Diploma in Dental Assistant, Diploma in Dental.

Dental Courses of HRTD Medical Institute: Dental Course 1 Year, Diploma in Dental Assistant 2 Years, Diploma in Dental Course 3 Years, Diploma in Dental 4 Years.

Dental Course 1 Year: It is a short dental course of HRTD Medical Institute. Total subjects 10 within 2 semesters. The subjects for dental course 1 year are Human Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology, Practice of Medicine, First Aid, Microbiology & Pathology, Dental Anatomy, Dental Physiology, General Chemistry & Biochemistry, Practice of Dental Medicine-1, Practice of Dental Medicine-2. 

Total Cost for Dental Course 1 year is tk 42,500 including admission fee, semester fee, monthly fees and exam fees.

Below Image: Dental Courses, Course Duration and Course Fee of HRTD Medical Institute.

The Below image: Dr. Sanjana, BDS, Lecturer, Dental Courses, HRTD Medical Institute 

Dental Course are available in HRTD Medical Institute in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh:
Dental course 1 Year ( BDA  1 Year ).
Dental course 2 years ( Diploma in Dental Assistant ).
Dental course 3 Years ( Diploma in Dental 3 Years )
Dental course 4 Years ( Diploma in Dental )

The below image: Dr. Nazmun Nahar Juthi, BDS, Dental Surgeon, PGT (Dhaka Dental College)

Course Fee for dental courses:
Dental course 1 Year ( BDA  Dental course ) Tk 42,500/=
Dental course 2 Years ( Diploma in Dental Assistant ) Tk 81000/=
Dental course 3 Years ( Diploma in Dental ) Tk 1,30,000/=
Dental course 4 Years ( Diploma in Dental ) Tk 1, 45,000/=

Below Image: Some Students of HRTD Medical Institute.

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